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a long original love

Each song has each story.
My song isn't different either.

a long original love:
This is a song I made. When I loved someone. But I have never had her listen to this song. But I didn't say to her what I want. Even if the chance of love was there. Because I had a work to do everyday: to make music everyday, every night. I used to do it day and night except when I was sleeping. a long original love
There was no time to fun with her. I couldn't waste time, because of the coming of busiest days to make music. But I made one music those days: 'a long original love'. To tell the truth, it was an arranged name of her E-mail.

And that song has been used for an internet game produced by Haruo Seto who is a CG creator, what was more that song was caught from NHK radio station in 2007. They who work as a director let it out for all of Japan. I was much pleased. But - she has never listen to it, even once....

a long original love: http://music.j-ken.ne.jp/?f=cntwnd_opener&mode=sound&id=5502

You can buy it to listen with your mobile phone.

Thank you. See you again next.
This is written by Tohma Nitobe.
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Summer Child

There is the story of the fact, history of my making music.

You might know about the music, Natsu-no-kodomo, it means 'The Summer Child.' This music has been included to the album Lunalian. Today, I will tell you that story.
One day, when I was about 20, I was required to make music from a girl, in order to the stage of dramatic in her high school. The dramatic stage title was The Summer Child. I accepted with gladness. And I began to make that music. After the end of the works, I gave her that music.

A few month later, I was invited to her dramatic stage. That was at her high school St. Dominico High school. And I went to see it with my friends. It was my first time that I visited to the girls' school. The all students' party was taken place at there.

Then the time of dramatic stage came. I had been seen. Then the music which I made was coming to flow in that stage. I was able to hear it with my ears surely. I was pleased that my music flew out toward many audiences.The end of the stage, I met her. Each said thank you.

It is my good memory as my past days or my music activity. Or my used to be. Now, I wanna say again, thank her offers.

Now, shall we listen to the music. And you can buy and listen to it with your mobile phone, if you want.

The Summer child; http://music.j-ken.ne.jp/?f=cntwnd_opener&mode=sound&id=2344

Thank you for your time. See you next.
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Today, I would tell the story to you. That's included the fact, about one of my music.

The last smile. This is one of songs of music album Lunalian which I made and was published by Japanese record company at June 25th, two thousands and six.


When I was about 23 years old, I made this song. For my grandfather. Then the struggle with ill was striking him. A cancer of something was there firmly. Then I was sorry to hear his ill. And then I decided to do something, on my way home from hospital. What can I do something. I thought. That was. The only thing that I can do was to make music.

On that account, I made this music. Sometimes, I'm often confident that it reached the place where he was. But now, it is one possibility whether it completed in success or not. It cannot be exact prediction. Because he is not in this world any longer.

last smile; (with PC)

Thank you for your time. See you next.

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A tender heart

Tonight, I will intend to give information to you. The information is related to one of my music. That song is 'yasashisa-wo-kateni'. It means by myself, kindness, and gentle. In a way that means the power of tender heart.

I made that music when I was about 20. Then I had taken part in a dramatist-party. Having done that, I made several music. I had a lover. She was learning for the licence of nurse. And several kind of matter occurred, we were parted from duo. And last time of that, she said about myself. I can admire only your kindness or soul. And I will admire. She said with her voice including sadness.

Then, maybe I decided that I would live with what she said. Though it's simply to be one possibility. Now, I can remember what she said. It was in a park where unlighted by town lights so brightly. And there was one huge tree which we can't forget, which made us safe from the rain. And time was nearby midnight. We could have not seen the wish-rainbow.

Yasashisa-wo-kateni. A tender heart.

Thank you for your time.
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The Preciouses

I'm very glad to.

It's because I got something from my old friend who is called Shishow. Having worried about me, he had himself send me so many, many Instant-foods. And I... I'm so sorry for my letting you worry about me. I will intend not to have you do this again. I'm so dim-wit. Anyway, thank you for you to be kind as doing that. I'll never forget your kindness, and what you did for me, even if the time goes by.

And my preciouses, I always remember you all, especially my family.

Thank you.
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The Rules

A constitution of Japan assures us the liberty and the fundamental human Rights unless we destroy the promises, in order to get along with each other, and to make the nation better place. That has been considered for a long time.

In that nation, we shall make some small looked nation. Such as some companies, school, fellows. In short, it's this societies. And we shall make some rules too.

Do you feel that we are to be given something like the Rights of constitution, in those small looked societies ? I never feel so.

The rules of nation is to be for us. But our small looked nation's is not to be for us. Never. That is what we are now. What a hell goin' on us.

Thank you. Good bye.
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