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When you seen upon the moon.
it will be time for beginning new year.

Preview of this year is...
something was good, and bad.

For instance, I lost an one person.
maybe, she went on a heaven.
but, I couldn't go there. she said for me "please live".
on and off, I remembered.
however, my heart was broken.
I had been thought that I can not but die alone.
fell too sad to plant myself.

well, this year, I made problems.
so sorry what I did. I insist on my fail.
I want to apologize to them early.
mother, father, 3 brothers, sister, everyone, ...everything.

And those times, I met my pleasure.
It gave me a hand. my evil thinking was gone away a bit.
That's you, "my pleasure".
If you please notice and be with me always.

new year in the first place,
I'd like to go to Japanese "hatumoude" with you.
I'm looking forward to it.

well, tonight,
I thought that I have to eat "tosikoshisoba".
and I bought it on the way home.


Why I bought "udon"...sad...

Do you think it make no difference?

so long,
see you next year.

I miss you.

I'm thankful for your love.
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Only Lonely

"I decided to never see the dream of you again"
"only lonely"

This song staying in my head all the time.

I drank so much alcohol that lost my health and I fell asleep last night.

I'm sorry. I gave your help trouble for a while.
I depended on you...on the way, on the train, anyway...(;.;)
I was strange guy.
so crazy man. crazy for you.
What's I done.
I can't help doing for you in return.

I wanna be with you if you had a bad dream in the night.

sorry. I miss you.

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Happy Christmas (war is over)

Please enjoy my English-blogs.
It's too dangerous to writing by Japanese words. don't keep off my diary.
war is over.

This is my story of the day of christmas.

A day of Dec. 23.
I went to "Carrot tower" of Sangenjaya with my highness.
Oh, No! so much beautiful sights of million yen(?) or dollars(?).
I looked on it as Tokyo tower.

And a day of Dec. 24.
We went to buy the "fried chicken" to "KFC".
There were a large number of persons who has same minds.
we took many times.
after there, we watched the movie 1 and 2 of "star wars".
we could not watch 1 to 6 with ease and we put off it.

and, she presented me some presents.

I felt in front of the candle lights. happiness .

So, this was my happy christmas.
thank you for highness.
war is over.

but, I'm afraid of something when I have looking straight in your eyes.
Oh, why I feel like that I rent you from the other world.
thus, takes me away from you every time. ....I'm sorry.

I wanna rely to your considerate hearts.
Do you allow my quite expensive mind?
I want to live in your heart.
How long will you contain me in the heart of you?

war is over.
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so this is Christmas

war is over

this is our century from the beginning

and we must begin

war is over

happy x'mas for you
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How long

How long, the length of going to your hometown?

Feeling too far.
I think that it's depending on person's mentality problems.

I wanna deny. my heart is going to the place that is like a prison.
entirely alone. I possibly need to more observe myself or gain someone's confidence.

How do I select my way?
to get fine? for happiness?
It doesn't mean that I merely hope ordinary life.
only, I want to make a history with you.
but, whether some person will forgive or not is problem.

other talk.
tomorrow, the plan of a days might watch the movie with my lolita.
episode 1 to 6 of "star wars".

How long time will we need?

good night.

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Melody Fair

So windy tonight. It was too extreme to endure.

Merry X'mas is coming soon.
I must get ready.


a day before.
I reviewed my favorite "Bee Gees" song.
tonight, more again.

"Melody Fair"

This song was used to the movie "melody".
I love this movie veryyyyy much.
I watched it many times, when I was more younger than now.

and now.
Let's listen to this music.
you and me.

"Who is the girl with the crying face"
"Looking at millions of signs"

well, see you again.

I miss you.
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How deep is your love

I got CD of the "Bee Gees" at rental shop tsutaya.

Fact, I love it, from about twelve years ago.
I thought that I want to listen after a long time. one of the my favorite songs is ...

"How deep is your love"

and I think so too.
How deep is your love?

I feel about my family when I listened to it. and I think, I may be not able to get back to there...
It's my fail.

well, a few days before,
I wrote the words of Mr. hirokey's song "Mr. Windy Road".
He is musician in Osaka. and my friend.
soon, you will be able to enjoy to his music. just a moment, please.
And don't miss it!

How deep is your love?

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be the start to something new

What do I do...

I have to do something that will take up a lot of time after today.

maybe, I should apologize to someone. to family.
to to to some....

There's my wrong as hurt a person's feeling.

this time of every night.
myself going to loneliness.

they may not forgive how I did.
maybe that's my crime.

pardon me...
I do ...I do something...sometime.

I hope. always be the start to something new.
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Akasaka Sacas-Death Vader

I went to "Akasaka Sacas" with my Majesty.
So surprised! there were ice-skating-rings. and we could see such a beautiful view.

Oh, my goddess!
Put on! the twelve dress(?)
kimono? ceremonial dress?

It's a Japanese "junihitoe".dayo.

She wants to put on it.
That's good traditional news.

after here.
I saw the movie "star wars 3".
Death Vader came here.
and I am Nitoh-vader.

thus, I afraid of the night.
sorry, I have a bad feeling bad night.

so, I hate a winter.
I may feel my heart will be going to somewhere.
sorry, my mam, dad, sister, 3brothers, everyone, and you....
and I think....

"Nothing ever makes me happy"


I can't feel fine than other season.

The best season is many summer.
Also, the only things who makes me it.

You are the one.

well...see you next.

loving you all the time.
from when I met you.
summer go to thousand.
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Bruce Lee & ASKA

I finished my work and came back home right now.

oh ...tired.

so so.

A day of the next April.
I will go to the concert with my close friend Chinatsu again.

It's "ASKA".
yes. already you know .
known as "CHAGE & ASKA".

We are looking forward to it.

last month = CHAGE

It's not "hage" nor "page".


I was wrong very much.

m(_ _)m


actually, I like "Bruce Lee" very very much.


I remembered his excellent words.

"Don't think! feel!!"

Oh yes.
came back from hell.

Don't think anything.

Let feeling.

I feel...I feel...(repeat)

I feel interesting if "Bruce Lee & Aska".



O.K! see you.

I miss you.
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Somehow I ...

I felt loneliness today.

to my mother, my father, my brothers and my sister.
every my friends.

maybe I can't live up to their expectations.

I know your hope.
and I have no power for it.


"nothing without you"

↑ It's Ami Suzuki's song.


What do I have to do...


tell me what was wrong.


It's time of tears.

I'm badman.

no, no bat man.

I want you to know that...

I feel her...loving.


I think....
I think of her...

I never feel the death when she were with me.


I feel the pain of the body.

Body feels EXCITE !

? ? ? ...?

I want to take a lot rest.

see you.

I miss you again.

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I had a nice time with my close friend today.

She is Gundam-Otaku.yeah.

We went to the "Kashi-kiroku-baitai-ya".

Almost people calls that shop "Tsutaya".

We got one DVD "The MIST".

It was so...

So What?

I don't talk about the DVD tonight.
Because I have tired.

The next, we ate dinner and went home.

The other time,
I had been exchanging some E-mails with SHISHOW.

He is my close friend since I was ten years old.

Yes, so too.
It was nice time again.

He is a father of Lunalian church.

Can't you trust us?

I know you can not.
But, it's so important truth.

see you.

I miss you.
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It's problem of time











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着うたフル「be free -inst-」リリース

着うたフル「be free -inst-」

J-ken musicさんにてDL販売中。




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Mr. myself











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