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Fraw Bow

Though I have been watching the American TV drama "The O.C".
"The O.C" equal story of "the Orange County."

but it might be not watched any more. due to, frankly Marissa is the best of foolish lady.
She resemble to "Fraw Bow" who married Hayato Kobayashi though she loved Amuro. at all. I can't love her who seems like her. However it's common today. Nobody can be her in the world ? Nowadays, it is very impossible. Yes, I know.

As I think of Amuro's mind. I guess he said to himself that he should be alone with a view to Fraw's pleasure. If he had not said good-bye, she would not be happy. Katz, Letz, Kikka too.

It is same that according to Winter Sonata. I guess it that Kang Joon Sang said to himself that "I should be alone." due to his fatal ill and Yu-jin's life. "It's only but I can't give you happiness."

Did you understand ?

Thank you. good-bye.

Marrissa : The O.C登場人物
Fraw Bow : ホワイトベース通信オペレーター
Hayato Kobayashi : ガンタンク搭乗
Amuro : ガンダム搭乗
Katz, Letz, Kikka : 孤児
Kang Joon Sang :カン・ジュンサン
Yu-jin : チョン・ユジン

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Dozel Zabi

I called with shishow today. It has taken us long long time till we could talk each other. That time made us fine. He is, in fact, father of Lunalian's church. What is Lunalian ? I guess you think so, but I will tell you in other time.

Our instincts, we think, feel running away from evil for the sake of saving ourselves. because of our circumstances in past. That the evil looks like the ghost of Dozel Zabi on the BYGZAM. Sometime it seems to me the future of us. Unfortunately, I might be a ghost of the moon. Nothing is all I really wants.

Thank you. good-bye.

might be ~ ; ~であるかもしれない
instinct : 本能
circumstances ; 周囲の状況
Dozel Zabi ; ザビ家次男

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I expressed a word of my best as I can. for my mother.
I said you can get well soon. I hope so early.

Yesterday. I saw the movie "SILK". That movie has something to do the things of my hometown. such as "Mogami River" "Sakata bay", what we call "Yamagata". I have not seen that place while long time. Even on TV. Even I am a human who like native own home. How dare we have a hate ? I miss you yourself, mother, father, 3 brothers, sister, and shishow, I miss you from very my heart. I think the time with you. I'm alone. I should be alone so that I could go home whenever I want.

and I can hear some voice of SAYLA.
"He has become a monster. He accepted father's in a twisted way. He isn't the Casval I knew."

I have become a monster. I accepted everyone's on a twisted way. I'm not what I was young.

Casval ; キャスバル・ダイクン。ジオン・ダイクンの長男。別名「シャア・アズナブル」 ジオン公国創設者の父を暗殺したザビ家(デギン・ギレン・キシリア・ドズル・ガルマ)に復讐をする為、偽名でジオン軍へ入隊。

Sayla ; セイラ・マス。別名「アルテイシア・ダイクン」 シャア・アズナブルの妹。兄とは逆の地球連邦軍に身を置く。ホワイトベースクルー。
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I should write more Japanese, as I had said. I'm sorry.

To my mother and father. You have not to cover me any more even if you could. I never want to give you annoyance. so I think. because I might fail again. I have been given many, many thanks by both of you.
Father. I think when my teenage. I went out my hometown for the sake of my dream, and myself that didn't wanna grow like you. but now, it came to be a really different. I can't be like you yourself, even if I wish. Only I couldn't be like you. I should pass away more earlier than any people who live in the world.


I'm sorry. How silly on earth did I say ? I hope I never say again like this if I can.
Considering thus, please let me go somewhere, sweetheart. I have a tidy reason to it, don't I ? Well, if I had a SLEGGAR LAW words of him, I would say this...


"I'm not a sort of man who accept your kindness."


I will be rushing to the BYG-ZAM.

for the sake of ... ; ... の為に
SLEGGAR LAW ; 地球連邦軍航空宙機パイロット(主にコア・ブースター)
BYG-ZAM ; ジオン公国軍巨大モビルアーマー (ドズル・ザビ搭乗)

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I don't quite know what to say...

maybe, I will have spoiled my wants. I have a plan since last summer. It's certainly important challenge. It may be nothing from now. If I had some, I would go somewhere. All of me is going to get nothing. and besides, I may give up not only one thing but all of around. It cannot help going to be "alone."

Oh, my Goddess. Help me if you can, I'm feeling down. I'm sad... I have nothing but disappointment. I'm going to suspecting my life gone from bad to worse... I don't know... I never know whether I shall go to either between the right and the left.

"There are four Zakus approaching from aft, R3 degrees." "It's Ok. Ryu and Kai will be covering you. Just watch your altitude."

What did you say, Sayla?

"I know you can do it, Amuro."

Who is the man covering me ?

(not only ... but~ ; ...だけでなく~も)
(nothing but... ; ...しかない)
(Zaku : ジオン公国、量産型モビルスーツ)
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My Side 7

I was said from one friend of mine. "Please, write your blog not only English so that we could understand."


well, I will write my blogs with a few japanese. although it is not all even japanese. because since you might know that this is very dangerous. but I would do the effort.


I thought I wanted you to feel free image for yourself. but now itself can be "by myself" of me. Thank you for your advise as well as suggesting. If you have interest to this, you may use the web site that has something to do the dictionary.

(自由にイメージしてもらっても面白いかと思いましたが・・・m(_ _)m)

I'm sorry to my sudden words. but one word came to myself before a few days. I want to say it. I will never fail to say it for my family.

"I cannot be too apology enough." I wanna say it over and over. "Thank you."

I expect you will have said "You can come back to Side 7 whenever you want." Not only you but I want to see you and call on Side 7 again.

...what did I say ?
Thank you.


feel free : 自由にして下さい
can be ~ : ~でありえる
cannot be too ~ : ~になることはない
Side 7 : アムロ・レイの故郷 ≒ 故郷


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I'm done with

We must always live for what is something.
Nobody can live as nothing. and nobody can live as erase existence.

maybe, as Mr. Kenji Miyazaya couldn't that.
as he said that he wants to be like a "Degunobo".
If we want to erase own existence, we should not come to this world.
but we already couldn't. even if we will die. we can not do it since when we were born.

What will we do in this stupid world from now.
What do we want to be. I don't know.

Did you hear me ?
I will think as soon as when I'm done with make a Gundam.

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whatever happened

I called mother after quite a few days.
It was good that I had done.

When I could hear family's voice,
I felt fine because I have not been to hometown while long time.

I wish so that everyone would get well in respect to health, whatever happened.
It's not someone else, so it's all people. If only nobody would die...

really my wants.
I never give in suffering of to do the effort.

so long. see you next.

in respect to~: ~に関して
whatever~: ~するものは何であろうとも
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anxious for

I am anxious for my mother's health.
If I had power to save any life, nobody would pass away.

I can't do anything. I can't do anything.
I don't know what I should do.

The only hope is that I don't hurt anyone's self.
so it is that I never give annoyance to anybody.
although I know, but I could not have been doing so,
and I always keep giving annoyance to my family yet.
Yes, I know. I know certainly.

I'm sorry. maybe, I broke our important things. really I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm going to say it till forever that "I'm sorry.".
I'm sorry. my sister.
I'm sorry, my father.
I'm sorry, my 3 brothers.
I'm sorry, my mother.

May your health get the recovery, mother.
it's my hope in my heart.

From in my heart.
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What is what I can choose ?

If I stay here with myself as not change anything,
it will be not able to help dying a few years later.
Unless I can change my mind.

However supposing I will have done changing or something.
I will have never gone to hometown whoever forgive.
Strictly speaking, I have no hometown since I had mistaken.
The sad matter was happened by from what I had done among my family.
I know certainly that my mistake will never be forgiven.

Please, give me a chance on condition that I never think hometown is there.
Since you feel disappointment, you needn't see my face.
you have not to contain me to your family.
Considering what I have done will be just it.

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What we call

I have a bad feeling about this from last night.

Something is wrong with my health.
I'm feeling what is called death.
It will be spoiled that all the things what I have done.

but, I said nothing, which was her angry last night.

I thought I may go away and I can't satisfy you with the future.
Unless you will keep off from me, you won't feel happiness.

Suppose it so, I cannot help thinking that I should be alone.
I will have been living alone due to my own. I can't owe you in the future.

It will be sure that what is good is you will be without me,
and what is better is be with other person.
It's certain and the best with regard of yourself, isn't it ?

isn't it .....
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Do you know the "SPEED" which are Hiroko, Eriko, Takako, and Hitoe ?
Specially young generations.

I love them from when their name was settled.
I used to go to their concert with my friend about 10 years ago.
The name of that friend of mine is ... We used to call him "Mosura".
I can't say the reason why we call him so but he seemed so.
It has nothing to talk this story.

That's the way I have been loving them since more 10 years ago.
I thought then that I would grow together with them.
As they are doing the effort, so I will be doing the effort.

Now nothing is different.
although I don't know I will...

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I got back to home right now too late.

I'm going to only sleep.
I should do what I sleep from the moment I arrive at home.
also I'm going to go to bed from this moment of time.

I might not be going to sleep so that I can go to renew a driver's license.
but it may be impossible because I'm tired from work.

so long good-night.
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