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Just a moment ago. A dog was bursting to me when I was out to buy a drink at vending machine merely. I thought how much you,(that dog) could see my shade of something death. I was just scared from that happened.

So, anyway, continual my ruminations from a few days ago.
What I wanna say is that I'll be kind for all everyone. But it is not only safety way. I may do something dangerous. I told you before. It's all due to peace.

Promise -I'll be kind. But I won't stop until the Peace is ours. So to speak, Peace is to be superstar. And you know that baby I ... I'm a biggest fun of that Peace everyone hopes. I'll follow Peace until Peace loves me.

I'm Peace's Paparazzi.

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When the time I decide, it will be your judgement time.

I must decide whether I will be an angel or a devil. Or both of them. I don't know whether I will be usual man or not who has always only face which like a happy, happy mind. I think I won't be usual.

And then I want you to decide that of choice; -to save something or not. -to break all or not. Can you decide ? It's all due to the peace. And death or alive will depend on Valkyrie.

If I will be a terrorist, who does have to judge me ? It's you. It's never police. It's because a terrorist is never born himself. We used to make a terrorist. Even if it's indirect. Even if it's happened in other countries. The killer or terrorist used to be made from our fucking societies. You must remember it and must never forget.

So if I act something terrorism, what do you do ? What can you decide at all. Yup, you surely kill me soon ? You should judge me or agree with me. I'll be fine. Which the way will be chosen.

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All day, I thought what is the happiness of human. Everyone hopes to be peace. But where is that peace ? What and when on earth is the peace ? I think it's nowhere. Noway. And I used to play music with hoping to be peace, you know. But I couldn't enough.

Now that, there are two kind of way. The two way choice that I can do. One is to save the peace one by one. Another one is to break all of the world. Because I thought of the peace is no-human world. The biggest our mistakes is we were born. The world won't be peace until we all are terminated. As soon as we all go away from the earth, the best of the peace is there. There is no war, no quarrel, no killer, no fights, no food problem, no people dying. Nobody dies. I just wanna save all people especially children, but I'm afraid I can't do that any more.

So on that account, I might be a terrorist to bring the peace into the earth, as breaking all. And my spirit is already killer. But there is not the law to arrest mere spirit as danger yet. You look at in my head, I'm not danger ?

Even if I am danger, human spirit is made from days we are living. Because we have to obey the rules that we made. I think you should kill me now as well as human's societies.

The two way is in my head.
To save or break all of the world. I won't die until I will have done with my wants.

What do you make your choice ?

Because I may be a terrorist, Follow me ? or Kill me now ?

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 We are a prisoner. It's because our dwelling area is limited to the earth. Even if, sometimes, we were able to run away just a little with space shuttle or rocket or something.
 We are the prisoner of the earth. And next, we would make it some states with each people who can easily get along. And it becomes some countries. In the end, also we become the prisoner of those countries. It's because we need works and money. we are becoming a prisoner of the social or administration as time goes by. And yet, we force someone to go to the prison by law. Such as guilty of killing people. It's real prison. And in that real prison, even they want to make a social too. One prisoner is judging another prisoner again.

 The prisoner's prison. The earth is prisoner station, and also human's social would make prisoner station.  And even real prisoner makes their prisoner.

 What are we doing on earth ? We should not have been born ?
 Who can account for that circumstances.

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S+V+O+A 型


(1) The White Base will take you to the moon.
(2) Matilda's supply crops provided the mobile suit with weapons.
(3) This photograph reminds Bright of his family.
(4) Sayla laid the golds which she had been given from Char on the table.

(supply crops: 補給部隊)

(2)は、provide sb with sth ~に・・・を与える。(3)は、remind sb of sb/sth ~に・・・を思い出させる。(4)のlaidに注意。原形は、lay(~を置く)で、これは、lie(置かれている)の過去形と同じ形になります。

*lay-laid-laid (~を置く)他動詞
*lie-lay-lain (置かれている)自動詞


(5) Kycilia treated Char cruelly. (S+V+O+A)
(6) Kycila teated Char to an ice cream when he was four years old. (S+V+O)

(5)はtreatが「扱う」という意味で用いられているため、その様態を表すAが必要になり、treat+O+A、cruellyはAと考えられる。(6)のtreatは「~におごる」という意味で用いられており、Charが目的語になり、an ice creamがなくとも、直接動詞の内容には関係せず、S+V+O型が成り立っていると考えられる。

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S+V+O 型


(1) Torenov Y. Minovsky invented the Minovsky Particle in 0069 U.C.
(2) I know it.
(3) Sayla enjoyed swimming in the earth.
(4) I think she is a Newtypes.

(Torenov Y. Minovsky = トレノフ.Y.ミノフスキー)(Minovsky Particle = ミノフスキー粒子)


完全自動詞→  目的語(無)、補語(無) S+V

完全他動詞→ 目的語()、補語(無) S+V+O

不完全自動詞→ 目的語(無)、補語(S+V+C

不完全他動詞→ 目的語()、補語(S+V+O+C



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S+V+C 型


(1) Amuro remained a bachelor.
(2) Then the mono-eye of Zaku turned red.
(3) His job is to control the Gundam.
(4) The trouble is the Guncannon can't move well.

> (remain : ~のまま、留まる。) > (bachelor : 独身) 

この文型では、一般的にS=Cの関係が成り立っていると考えられる。(1)「アムロ= 独身」。(2)「ザクのモノアイ=赤」.(3)彼の仕事=ガンダムを操縦すること。」(4)「トラブル=ガンキャノンが上手く動けない事」。また、(3)(4)では、be動詞が用いられているが、このS+V+C文型で用いられているように、単にSとCをイコールで結びつけるだけの働きをする場合と、存在を表す場合とがある。

(5) Mrs. Mirai is in the kitchen now. (S+V+A)

例えば(5)は「ミライさんは今、キッチンにいる。」という意味になり、be動詞(is)は、存在を表している。しかし、ミライさんとキッチンはイコールではない。Mrs. Mirai is.だけでも文としては成り立たず、やはり、in the kitchenは義務的な要素としてそこにあり、Adjunct(A)となる。よって(5)はS+V+A文型である。be動詞の現る文は、すべてがイコールの関係になりS+V+C文型になるとは限らない。同じbe動詞でも前後の語句によって、違った文型が成り立つということである。


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S+V+A 型

S+Vの後にAがきてはじめて意味内容が完結する文型。*A = (Adjunct)とは、場所・時間・様態(マナー)を表す副詞的語句、主に-lyを含む単語、または、前置詞を含む語句、文が成立するための義務的要素。

  • (1) Amuro remained in bed.
  • (2) The base ball dome the white base hid in stands on a hill. 
  • (3) Icelina behaved hardly at the party.

> behave ~な態度をとる

(1)remainの後にin bedがあることによりはじめて、「アムロはベッドにいたままだった」という意味を表しているためin bedはAと考えられる。(2)on a hillがない場合、「ホワイトベースが隠れていた雨天野球場が立つ」という奇妙な文になってしまう。on a hillがあることにより「~にある」と表しているためon a hillはAと考えられる。(3)「イセリナはそのパーティでお粗末な態度をとった。」behaveのあとに様態を現すhardlyがあることにより、どんな態度をとったのかを表しているためhardlyはAと考えられる。このように、Adjunctは文の中で動詞の意味内容に直接関係しているものとも考えられる。


  • (4) Amuro stood to greet Lalah.

to greet Lalahは「ララァに会うために」という理由を現す副詞句だが、Amuro stoodのみでも、「アムロは立ち上がった」という文が成立するため(4)はS+V型になる。


  • (5) Amuro ran after Fraw. <S+V+A>
  • (6)  Amuro ran after breakfast. <S+V>

(5)の場合は「アムロはフラウの後を追いかけた。」という意味になるので、Aと考えられるが、(6)の場合は、文全体を修飾している、Modifierと考えられる。(6)はAfter breakfast Amuro ranと入れ換えることができるが、(5)はできない。(5)(6)は表面的には同じ文型に見えるが、実質的に異なった文型が成立していると考えられる。

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S+V 型


(1) The Gundam ran.
(2) It rained.
(3) Thunderbirds are flying in the sky.
(4) The one year war ended in the Universe Century 0079.

* (one year war : 一年戦争) *(Universe Century : 宇宙世紀) 

(2)のItは形式主語で非人称のit(Impersonal 'it')、形式として現るが,日本語にするときは訳さないのが一般的。


(5) The window opened.

(6) Lalah opened the window.

(5)はS+V型でopenは自動詞として用いられているが、(6)では「~を開けた」というふうにララァが開けたものは何なのか、the windowが目的語として機能しているため、openは他動詞として用いられており、S+V+O文型と考えられる。このように、ほとんどの動詞は両方の性質を持っている。


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主語 (Subject = S)
述語動詞 (Verb = V)
補語 (Complement = C)
目的語 (Object = O)
付加詞 (Adjunct = A) :場所、時間、様態 <副詞的語句> 

  • 1.  S+V : Tohma ran fast.
  • 2.  S+V+A : Amuro is in the earth now.
  • 3.  S+V+C : Ryu became a pilot two years ago.          
  • 4.  S+V+O : We met Char at the moon. 
  • 5.  S+V+O+A : Kai put a picture of Matilda in his pocket.
  • 6.  S+V+O+O : Amuro's mother bought him a doll.
  • 7.  S+V+O+C :  Lalah made him happy.

*now, two years ago, at the moonなどは、随意的に現れる修飾語 (Modifier = M) であり、文型の構成要素としては無視することができる。

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Today, I went to votes of election. It had been taking place in some elementary school's gym. I thought that who should be elected. And its conclusions seemed to the same, even if any candidates were elected. They might not change anything, and it is a rule in this world. There was no reason that I wanted to change by that of rules. I wanted to vote for more different persons or others. But they had not been there. I think the social will not change so many. And yet I did it.
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This song is a track No.4 of the album Lunalian. That has been out to some CD store since 2006.06.25 (SUN) My main message is concluded into it.

The Lunalian is a human who is born in the moon and grew in the moon. The earth, itself will be the place where become to hometown of them in nearer future. So why are we hate each other, sometimes, between or among some countries. Why could we do thus.

The all of people living now has each hometown. Such as your country, the place, Family, Friends, Lovers. It is certain that we love them like having seen the earth by the moon. I think it is not necessary whether we are living in the earth or not. Any people should love the earth and each other.

Nothing is all of the life, unless we have a mother's ground, the earth. When we are in time of trouble, we will come to see what to do, how to live, if we could remind ourselves of the earth.

Happy birthday, Mother. 2006.06.25. From Tohma Nitohbe.

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I will

Would you listen to my willing ?

Since I was a musician, I used to make own music everyday, anytime I think that. And then I couldn't complete my works. It had ended before it succeeded. It wasn't because I wanted to. My mistakes had been in there.

Now that I do nothing but I still want to do it something. But though I have no item of making it now. I thought what I can do for the future, children, world, and you. And also for myself. Because I do nothing, I don't know I am, I don't know what I'm living for. Why am I alive for what on earth...

I can do something. I might have done something. I always have been doing something. And I will.

For example, I will take part in a non-profit organization, before days will be so far. Though if it may be a just a little help. It's same thing that doing so between music and something like a willing.

Someday I want to play the music activity again to save the future, children, the world, and you, and I say it's myself. It's myself. And then I want you to follow me again. I want you to follow myself again. Don't forget. You, my fellows, don't need to forget me. I will. That's my wants to live again.

Thank you. See you next.
And you can find my CDs at some CD shops, if you want.
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The Rose

 Some say love, it is a river. That drowns the tender reed. Some say love, it is a razor. That leaves your soul to bleed. Some say love, it is a hunger. An endless aching need. Some say love, it is a flower. And some its only seed. It's the heart, afraid of breaking. That never learns to dance. It's the dream, afraid of waking. That never takes the chance. And the soul, afraid of dying. That never learns to live.

 And I... I think. I myself say love, it is nothing. Just nothing..
 I would have often stayed up late making the own music. But I never find what the love is. Sometimes, I thought that was just human's imagination. It is possible that it is true or not true. Nobody knows that's conclusion. And then, on that account, because I had been too lonely, because waiting for the lucky had been too long, I supposed I would never find it, so that I might have decided to think the love is nothing. And now, I think it is not easy that to be even just razor. I'm not anything but can not be love. If the coming of the winter, I guess I feel so much cold in my heart, as I never rise again and I never become the Rose.

 What have you known how is your love ?


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 I have to smoke anywhere, and you have to smoke too before we will have got the hospital. Who tell me the reason why you don't smoke? Nobody can dare the system of the world. Nobody has tidy reason who never smoke. Even if there is tide of legals of no smoke, we need smoke anytime. You must have understood already. Why don't you. We don't have to obey the stupid system of social. If we need it, we may do all the time. Why we can't live by own rules. And I may have known it, so that I have to smoke. And you have to smoke anywhere, before we will have got the hospital.

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