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a long original love

Each song has each story.
My song isn't different either.

a long original love:
This is a song I made. When I loved someone. But I have never had her listen to this song. But I didn't say to her what I want. Even if the chance of love was there. Because I had a work to do everyday: to make music everyday, every night. I used to do it day and night except when I was sleeping. a long original love
There was no time to fun with her. I couldn't waste time, because of the coming of busiest days to make music. But I made one music those days: 'a long original love'. To tell the truth, it was an arranged name of her E-mail.

And that song has been used for an internet game produced by Haruo Seto who is a CG creator, what was more that song was caught from NHK radio station in 2007. They who work as a director let it out for all of Japan. I was much pleased. But - she has never listen to it, even once....

a long original love: http://music.j-ken.ne.jp/?f=cntwnd_opener&mode=sound&id=5502

You can buy it to listen with your mobile phone.

Thank you. See you again next.
This is written by Tohma Nitobe.
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